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This is always good fuckin animation xD cool soundtrack, and very funny, keep doing it man xD

Btw, does PETA hate you already...or not yet?

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I wasn't expecting this...this was amazing....seriously, I just regret it wasn't a short, but just a presentation...i would love to see more of thsi!

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Amaruuk responds:

Thanks! Yeah, shorts are kind of the norm here, and I definitely intend to do some, as well as more of these little mini-experiments.

the pun was fuckin hilarious!!! seriously, I eared it before, but never laughed so hard...great job man xD

brynimation responds:

Really man?! Thank you so much for that. You're awesome level is OVER 9000!

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i think it has a very simple objective, a bit challenging and good to pass the time. good job xD try to make more levels and it'll be awesome xD

The game's not bad, but the soundtrack....omg seriously? but if you change it to something like a 3 minute composition instead of a looping 2 seconds, this would be pretty acceptable.


The game's not baaaad....i just think the song doesn't goes with the environment, and it's pitty that the subs aren't in english...keep tryin man, you'll get it right.

hanifibadur responds:

Thanks kronos for the feedback I've edited it :D

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I really like your style xD keep it up xD

your illustrations are amazing, you know what it reminds me of? some magic the gathering artwork, you would SO be called by wizards of the coast to do some artwork on their cards.

truelly great xD keep it up

Amaruuk responds:

Oh, gosh, thank you! That would be amazing if I was asked to do real stuff like that. So far I'm still nobody. One day, though. One day.

Mindblowing! your style is amazing!

About flash, I love Madness and Xombie xD i've been in the site for about 2 years now, but i really didn't do anything, but now i'm back and strong, to give the community all my thoughts, comments, and in a near future, flash animations xD Stay good, Bad

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